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European Livin’…

European Livin’…

I love Europe! From April 22-29 I visited Switzerland (Zurich and Basel), Germany (Kandern, Badenweiler) and France (Riquewihr and Colmar). I have friends who live in Zurich and Kandern, Germany so I stayed with them.  My friend Tom Haugen is the associate pastor of the International Protestant Church in Zurich.   He and I went to seminary together. My friends Chris and Chrissy, whom I met in Colorado teach at Black Forest Academy, a school for missionary kids.

Europe is cool. The pace of life is slower, it is beautiful, the food rocks! My highlight was when on Friday April 25 I had breakfast in Germany (eggs and toast) lunch in France (cheese and baguette) and dinner in Switzerland (bratwurst). I also visited a Willowcreek and Mosaic chruch.

The night before I left we visted Badenweiler which has awesome hot springs both indoors and outdoors in pools and hot tubs.  So much fun!

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