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Stoked for EFC’s Men’s ministry in 2015

Stoked for EFC’s Men’s ministry in 2015

Loving on and Vibing on this…

The Root’s (EFC’s Men’s Ministry) Vision for 2015

The CPR – Context, Purpose, RESULTS!
• The Context of Every Meeting and of ROOTS –
Anything is possible with Christ.
• The Purpose of ROOTS:
To empower men with a Jesus-inspired vision of what their lives could, and should be through fellowship with strong Men of Faith.

The Results of ROOTS:
1 That we build a strong community of Jesus followers.
2 That we become more Christ-like in our actions.
3 That we hold each other accountable to a high standard of in all facets of life.
4 That Newport flourish when there are strong men leading their families.
5 That marriages are strengthened.
6 There’s a network of support to go on the difficult path of following Jesus.
7 That there be REAL tangible community impact – the men are available for special projects like moving widows / construction projects.
8 That our families feel more secure in a tightly bonded community.
9 Together, we can get it done.
10 That our women are fired up about a life with Jesus.
11 That we have FUN.
12 That we get to be OUTSIDE a lot in God’s creation.
13 That we get to know new men and strengthen relationships with existing men.
14 That we exercise the body AND the mind.
15 That we push each other to live out Jesus inspired visions for what our life can be.
16 That men outside our circle see, hear and feel our message and are brought to Jesus.

• When: the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month of 2015 @7pm
• Where: Various locations
The kick-off meeting will be a night-hike starting at Surfer’s Corner, Second Beach, January 12, 2015.

The President: Trip Wolfskehl
The Vice-President: Justin Speegle

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